About James

Why the blog?

The tech industry is a pretty remarkable one – it builds things that have the ability to transform our lives; it does things that only a few decades ago seemed like fantasy. So I wanted to document the stuff I like about tech.

On the other hand, as a marketing guy, I’m constantly frustrated by an almost wilful disregard for the basic principles of marketing in the tech industry. Companies like Facebook and Google have succeeded and become global powerhouses despite either not marketing at all or being really, really bad when doing so. They are fortunate beneficiaries of network economics, a winner-takes-all game that most businesses cannot play.  So this blog is also about tech and its marketing foibles. I hope you enjoy it.

About me

Over the last 15 years, I have developed and honed a highly diverse range of communications and business skills. My areas of specialisation include business strategy, policy, leadership, marketing, and a deep knowledge of venture capital and tech.

My current role with the BVCA involves developing thought-leading policy research into growth capital and technology industries in the UK. You can find my publications here.

Outside work, I run founded and run TLA Triage, an initiative for Tech London Advocates which provides free advice from category expects to London’s early-stage tech companies.